Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Computer Whoas

My Internet access has been spotty the past few days so sorry for the lack of updates on the babies! Well... here goes.

Sasha is doing pretty great. She is meeting people with hesitation but not acting adversely like before. She goes almost everywhere with me just for the exposure to as much as possible while I have her. She's definitely taken a liking to riding all the time. She is absolutely not aggressive with the other dogs AT ALL. She doesn't even pay them any mind what so ever. She is doing pretty good with her responsiveness to her commands..... the Husky comes out every once in a while & she refuses or she has a tantrum; acting like out of no where she's dying. It's quite comical actually. If you let her get it out of her system & them work her through it, she's great the second time. It's the initial freak out & then she learns whatever it is is not going to kill her & I wouldn't ask her to go anywhere or do anything that's going to hurt her & she comes out on the other side of the situation clearly showing how happy & pleased with herself she is. She gets a burst of excitement & wants attention. Almost to say "Did you see me!! I did great!" It's very cute. We will be starting her "place" command tomorrow! Pictures to come.....hopefully :o)
Sasha holding her sit with the distraction of the other dogs :o)

Kinsley is doing much better after his laps of judgment on Saturday. I've started his off leash & he's doing pretty good but I haven't added in his favorite distractions yet & we have a sock fetish to work through. He likes to collect socks & eat them.... dunn, dunn, dunnnnn. And, he's learning to retrieve the paper for my uncle! MICAH!! Micah is doing really great. He's learning super fast. He's heeling at my left side & sitting when we stop, doing his sit-stays, down at my side & down-stays. He is finally starting to play with the other dogs. He had a field trip to PetSmart today to get him more dog food. We had to work a little in the parking lot to get his mind where it should be but then he was great at showing off his new manners. He sat nicely when people said hello to him & he stayed right by my left side while we walked around. The cart freaked him out a bit but then he was fine. He had a moment of insanity when the lady at the counter asked if she could give him a cookie.... she COMPLETELY encouraged him to jump up on the counter. I had to correct that silly woman. I reminded her that Micah was in training & she could ask him to sit nicely & then he could have the cookie but if she didn't want to encourage good manners then she needed to put the cookie away.... I think she was a bit taken back. Oh well :o) He's doing excellent.

Micah hold his sits-stay Holding a down-stay with the other dogs around



This is Cameron! He is a 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer. He is with us for the next 2 weeks for the Intermediate Obedience. He has some excessive barking & socialization issues with people. He barks in the car, at the door, when people come to the house...when the wind blows; basically at everything :o) So, Cameron's first day was spent going anywhere & everywhere I went as well. He is starting to respond to "no" when he starts to bark. He does a little gurgling noise, almost like he's talking after I tell him no. It's very cute but not acceptable.... it's almost like back-talking so I'll have to nix that as well :o) More to come on Cameron!

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