Monday, May 25, 2009


Mugsy is doing great. He is going to make an excellent dog for somebody. He is goofy & personable, sweet natured & he's a thinker. He's doing awesome with everyone & I have no worries about him with the other dogs now. He's doing fine with the cats but my cats are quite seasoned in keeping a dog in line. He's mostly interested in them & very inquisitive. He doesn't act aggressively towards them or try to "eat" them at all. We're just going to continue working on his social skills & his basic commands. This up coming week I'd like to start introducing him to new dogs & taking him on our park trips to see how he acts around new dogs. He was supposed to have a family come visit him this weekend but we didn't hear back from them :o( If you know anyone that might want to adopt him please visit his link to apply to be an adopter!!

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