Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend Update....

Bandit is coming along great. At this point in the game I am polishing up all his commands, fine tuning his off leash work & working on socializing him with strangers. He is doing awesome in all of the above!

Sasha couldn't be better! She is starting to come to me asking for affection now. She is great with the other dogs. She doesn't play with them, but she doesn't care if they are all over her or anything. She is doing great with the commands we've worked on so far..... well, we're touching up the heel.... she still has a tendency to pull ahead & not focus. (That's the husky in her). She is meeting stranger without acting adversely to them. They can't be super friendly with her yet; she still seems too tense but no reaction is great this early in the game.

Ava had her go home lesson on Friday. She did awesome!!! I couldn't have been happier.
I also had a follow up lesson with Aspen. I'm happy to report his family is following through with everything & doing awesome with him!

We had a new trainee join us yesterday. His name is Micah. He's a 4month old German Shepherd puppy. He will be with me for the next 2 weeks for the Intermediate Obedience. He had a great first night & is getting used to the gang. So far he is no longer jumping up, pulling on the leash or at least. We'll work on meeting strangers on Monday!

So, everyone is great, enjoying the unexpected sunny day. Happy Mother's day from all the puppies to their mommas!!

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