Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Just wanted to post an update on Skittles' babies! They are 5 weeks old as of this past weekend they have moved from the "nursery" to the "playschool room".... or so I've been calling it. Skittles had the kittens in our tack room at the barn. It's a safe, enclosed, dark room that she could feel secure that nothing could get them. Well they are bigger & in need of more stimulation to learn their skills for being big girls so she has moved them to the hay/utility barn which is attached. They have been non-stop playing in the hay, in the boxes, on the shelves, in the feed bins, under pallets, climing stairs & having tons of fun. They appear at this point to be all girls. It's so hard to tell when they are itty bitty. Skittles is due to get snipped next week once she's completely weaned them from suckling. She's doing an excellent job & has been such a great momma up to this point. She's very attentive, loving, & protective of them. Pogo, Skittles' brother, seems to be quite protective of them as well & he's as easy going as they come. I guess they're up for adoption now :'o( *sniff *sniff. Hope ya'll like the pictures!

Last days in the "nursery"

Ms. Boss is the most outgoing!

The twins!! Droverleft, Ms. Boss right Practicing the important stalking skills Hello cuteness
Peek-a-boo Momma & Drover

All that play...... Time for a nap

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