Monday, May 25, 2009

Cameron :o)

Cameron is doing okay :o/ A short recap on his behavior last week..... he was doing great with the door bell workouts, meeting people, but if he was outside & you called him inside or he saw you coming to the back door he would haul butt to the back of the yard & not come.... AT ALL. Well we've worked that out & he's coming when called all the time & he no longer is running when you open the door up. He was starting to regress a bit on his walks. I've been needing to work more on his heel but the weather hasn't allowed much of that so that's where we're going to pick up this week. He needs to be walking on a relaxed leash in the heel position without having to constantly reinforce the command. On a super positive note, he is doing excellent in the car now. He's no longer barking at everything that goes by & if he does bark he is very responsive to his quiet command. He get along great with the other dogs & plays great with Chase, Oliver & Boomer. More updates on Cameron over the next few days!

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