Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Mugsy is coming along very well. He's done great with all my dogs (8 boys & 1 girl). No aggression what-so-ever. I don't give him the opportunity to get into trouble or act ill-mannered though. If he gets funny stairs or tenses up he gets a small correction to snap out of it & then he's fine. He definitely will need continued socialization around well mannered dogs. I can definitely see if another male was to act like a punk he would have no problem indulging in the bad behavior as well. The training I am focusing on for him is specifically geared towards his socialization & basic manners. He isn't receiving any kind of off leash work & I DEFINITELY think that's an avenue that should be pursued by his forever home to ensure he doesn't become a lost dog, again. He is meeting a potential forever home this weekend. They have a female Boxer, Lucy! We'll see if they feel like Mugs would make a great addition to the family!

Mugsy bonding with Ty, Boomer & Ruger

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