Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oliver Update

Oliver is doing so great. We have decided he's going to be the new 9th member of the gang. The deciding factor was how well he gets along with everyone, especially Chaser. They have been playing nonstop! It's great. He saw Mrs. Pam today. She did an AWESOME job getting him all lovelied up! He's beautimus. He goes to Dr. Andy's tomorrow to get NEUTERED!! YAY! I'll be so glad to have that out of the way. I'm glad to have him & I can't wait to get to know Oliver more!

Oliver pre-Mrs. Pam with his bestest friend, Chase!

Post Mrs.Pam!!
So darn cute!


mrsbentley519 said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!!! What a precious little furball. :-) I thought you weren't going to take another small dog?? Hehe. He's too irrestistable.

pjorcutt said...

Awwww, he really is a cute little guy. I'm so glad Chase has a new friend!