Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sasha Lady

Sasha is coming along. She is settling in. She is completely oblivious & couldn't care less about the other dogs. She's not responded adversely to any of my neighbors if we're out walking & she's not responded in her normal barkiness when people come to the house. It's only day 2 & she's sure to show her true colors before too long...... which is good. I can't correct a problem she doesn't exhibit while she's here :o) She is walking nicely on a leash; not at my left side yet but she's not freaking out & doing the alligator roll & jumping away from the leash so she's made a huge improvement! She is sitting on command..... semi-responsive to a verbal "no". She has been a little distracted by all this stormy weather we've had so far this week but I'm working her through that fear as well. All in all I'm happy with her accomplishments in 2 days!

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