Monday, May 25, 2009

Sasha Update....

Sasha is coming along nicely. She's been doing excellent up until the last few hours. Nothing too terrible; she just become very obstinate & dramatic & not wanting to mind. The rain hasn't permitted us to work outside on her off leash work the last few days so she's become a bit rusty. She's scheduled to go home tomorrow (Tuesday) evening so hopefully he'll be back in line by then. She is doing great with the other dogs & coming around nicely with meeting strangers. She is still hesitant but accepting now. She might always be a bit timid until she really gets to know people. But now her owners can feel comfortable having people over to their house & they won't have to worry about Sasha's ill-manneredness. She really is such a sweet loving girl. She has such a soft heart & really doesn't like to get in trouble or be bad but sometimes she just goes back to what she knows :o) She's going to be one that will need continued socialization with people to maintain where she is now. Any slacking from momma & daddy will most likely result in back sliding on her behavior..... hint, hint ;o). We're going to spend today & tomorrow working on getting her back in line with her off leash work! Have a great Memorial Day!

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