Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Scarlet the Spinone!

Scarlet is doing very well. She has learned heel with auto-sit, sit-stay & down at my side, down-stay, as well as her manners (no jumping up, no pulling on the leash). We worked on those commands with distractions this time, which was much more challenging for her. She is doing great! She looooves playing with the other pups & is doing pretty well with her potty training! She's had 1 accident thus far & I'm pretty sure it's because she gets so distracted when she's outside with the gang. She's doing potty time by herself now so that she does her business & then she gets to play. That's working out much better. She is such a sweet girl with tons of personality. She is definitely all puppy. She's clumsy & gangly & falls all over herself, literally, trying to keep up with the big boys ;o)

Scarlet in her sit stay while I throw her toy to the sideMore sit-stay..... she's up to about 60 seconds here :o) She's trying so hard to be such a good girl!

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