Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scarlet Has A Mind of Her Own

Little Scarlet.... oh little Scarlet. She is definitely my challenging pupil. She is as sweet as she can be but definitely has a free spirit & learning or wanting to mind doesn't fall into that free spirited mold. She's definitely lucky she's so freak'n cute because I might be bald at the end of this process :o) Just kidding. Slow & steady is the key with her..... and staying one step ahead of her. She is making tons of friends & definitely coming out of her shell. She started testing to see what happens if she doesn't come when called..... good times, good times :o) I have a lot of work to do with her over the next week!

Scarlet in her Sit-stay. Cute girlNapping on her "place" after a long workout

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